Benjamin Fung



Canada Research Chair in Data Mining for Cybersecurity, an Associate Professor of Information Studies (SIS), an Associate Member of Computer Science (SOCS) at McGill University, and a Co-curator of Cybersecurity in the World Economic Forum (WEF).


Benjamin Fung 博士是加拿大資訊安全數據探勘研究院士,現任加拿大麥基爾大學的資訊學院副教授、世界經濟論壇資訊安全領域的聯合策劃人、Elsevier《永續城市與社會》期刊副編輯。在2007年時取得加拿大西蒙菲莎大學電腦科學博士學位。Benjamin Fung 博士一直與加拿大國防、執法、運輸和健康照護部門密切合作,在資料探勘、機器學習、資訊安全、隱私保護和建築工程等研究論壇上發表超過140篇期刊論文,引用次數超過7,900次。他的資料探勘技術在犯罪調查和作者分析領域的應用成果被紐約時報、英國廣播公司及加拿大廣播公司等全球媒體大肆報導。Benjamin Fung博士同時也是MILA的仲會員和持有執照的專業軟體工程師。 更多訊息,請上Benjamin Fung博士的研究網站:

Dr. Benjamin Fung is a Canada Research Chair in Data Mining for Cybersecurity, an Associate Professor of School of Information Studies (SIS) at McGill University, a Co-curator of Cybersecurity in the World Economic Forum (WEF), and an Associate Editor of Elsevier Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS). He received a Ph.D. degree in computing science from Simon Fraser University in 2007. See his research website for more information.

尤惠生 James Yu


Palo Alto Networks  台灣區總經理

General manager Palo Alto Networks Taiwan 


James Yu目前擔任Palo Alto Networks台灣區總經理一職,負責該公司在台灣的業務推展、客戶服務、策略合作以及通路管理等工作。

擁有超過18年IT產業經驗,加入Palo Alto Networks之前,James擔任Nimble Storage台灣區總經理一職,達成業績成長230%佳績。在此之前, James服務於NetApp,在11年的任職期間,從業務代表一路升遷為NetApp業務副總裁,並在擔任該職務的五年期間,成功建立台灣業務及通路管理團隊規模高達300%的成長。在NetApp的工作之前,James也曾任職於Orange Network Controller公司。


James Yu is currently the General Manager of Palo Alto Networks Taiwan, responsible for the company's business development, customer service, strategic cooperation and channel management in Taiwan.

With more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry, James not only specializes in planning and executing business strategies but also stands out in improving business performance and team leading. He has maintained great trust in business relationships with Taiwanese high-tech manufacturing industry, telecommunications industry and government sectors, which is conducive to promote innovative technology.

James graduated from the Department of Computer Science & Information Management at Soochow University and holds an EMBA degree of National Chengchi University. He enjoys traveling and exercising in his leisure time and is also a jazz music lover.

梶浦敏範 Toshinori Kajiura


 日本資安創新委員會  主席 

President, Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee 


梶浦先生於 1981 年進入日立製作所,負責工程工作站、筆電、郵件區分機械設備與金融系統開發。2001 年擔位新興事業部門部長,2003 年起於小泉與麻生內閣期間擔任 IT、ICT 政策擬定,就推動 ICT/數據應用方面提供研究與政策建言。2016年起擔任上席研究員。

梶浦先生並擔位日本經濟團體聯合會資通訊委員企劃部代理部會長、資安工作小組主席、網際網路經濟任務小組調查主任。參與 ICT 政策的14年間,研究匯整包括網際網路經濟 (2012年起) 與資訊安全 (2015年起)之政策建言。2017 年擔任日本資安創新委員會代表理事。另外,亦擔任日本產經省資安研究會工作小組(經營.人才.國際合作)主席。


Kajiura joined JCIC as founding member in 2017. He currently served as a Senior Researcher of HITACHI and Chair of Cybersecurity Working Group of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) as well as its Acting Chair of Sub-Committee on Information and Telecommunication Policy. Kajiura joined HITACHI as computer scientist and experienced various fields such as R&D, marketing, business planning etc. related to ICT business to create new technology, new economy and new regulation for ICT utilization.

He was a managing professor of Tsukuba-University during 2012-2016.

David Regeczi


Ecorys 高級顧問

Senior Consultant of Ecorys 


David Regeczi博士是Ecorys的數位經濟高級顧問,同時也針對數位平台、網路中立性和電信政策等議題為歐洲委員會進行開創性研究。David Regeczi博士協助已發展和發展中經濟體在高科技產業的經濟發展擁有超過10年的經驗,專注在資訊及通信技術各個子部門的投資和創新。他也提供建議給希望幫助高科技公司實現國際化目標的歐洲型、國家型和區域型政府和機構。最近David Regeczi博士主導了一個與歐洲中小企業局共同執行的合作計畫,目的在幫助歐洲中小企業開發印度、中國和墨西哥的機器人和智慧運輸等業務市場。

Dr. David Regeczi is Senior Consultant for the Digital Economy with Ecorys, working in a team that has conducted seminal studies for the European Commission on issues around digital platforms, net neutrality, and telecommunications policy. He has 10+ years’ experience in economic development for high-tech industries in both developed and developing economies, focussed on investment and innovation in various subsectors of ICT. He provides advice to European, national, and regional governments and agencies looking to help high-tech companies to internationalise. Most recently, he led a project with the European Agency for SMEs to help European SMEs to develop business in India, China, and Mexico in sectors like robotics and smart mobility.

Chris van Voorden


InnovationQuarter  國外投資總監 

Director Foreign Investment at InnovationQuarter 

Chris van Voorden自2014年1月起擔任InnovationQuarter BV的外國投資總監。在此之前,他曾任職於Science Port Holland NV的管理部門。



Chris van Voorden serves as Director Foreign Investments at InnovationQuarter BV since January 2014. Prior to that, he served as Managing at Science Port Holland NV

InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for West Holland. Our mission is to strengthen the regional economy in West Holland by stimulating the innovation potential of this unique delta region. In close co-operation with major local corporations, educational and research institutions – like the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University – as well as government organisations, InnovationQuarter supports technological developments with social impact, encourages entrepreneurship and invests in fast-growing companies.

We provide support to new foreign companies in setting up their office and assist existing international companies by expanding their operations in the Netherlands. The Investor Relations Program aims to make it easier for businesses to grow and thrive in the Netherlands.

Eveline Vreede


資訊安全學院  執行董事

Managing Director Cyber Security Academy


去年11月始,Eveline Vreede受派擔任資訊安全學院的執行董事一職,她同時也負責管理執行TU Delft 在電機工程、數學與電腦科學學院內國內與國際的資通技術相關研究合作。2014年到2018年,她擔任4TU.NIRICT的執行秘書,負責整合並加強荷蘭四所科技大學─台夫特理工大學、恩荷芬理工大學、湍特大學以及瓦罕寧恩大學之間資通技術研究員的合作。Eveline Vreede一直參與與新加坡、中國和印度的研究學院建立學術夥伴關係的計畫。她具有(跨文化)傳播、行銷和歐洲公共政策的背景,過去曾在一家創業公司從事諮詢和專案管理工作。

Since November 2018 Eveline Vreede has been appointed Managing Director of the Cyber Security Academy. Eveline Vreede is affiliated to TU Delft managing ICT related research collaboration both nationally and internationally of the Faculty of EEMCS. From 2014 to 2018 she was Executive Secretary of 4TU.NIRICT, bringing together and strengthening the collaboration of ICT researchers of the four universities of technology in The Netherlands: TU Delft, TU/e, UT, Wageningen University. She has been involved in setting up academic partnerships with institutes in Singapore, China and India. She has a background in (intercultural) communication, marketing, and European public policy. She previously worked for a startup, and in consultancy & project management.

Petra van Schayik


Compumatica secure networks  董事

Director at Compumatica secure networks 

1991年,在還沒有人從事資訊安全工作時,Compumatica成立了。 Compumatica是一家針對加密和網路安全提供高級安全解決方案的製造商,在資訊安全領域擁有超過30年的經驗,並擁有使用新技術的完整和現代化的資產組合。


In 1991, when almost nobody was working with cybersecurity, Compumatica was founded. Compumatica secure networks is a manufacturer of high level security solutions for encryption and securing networks. Compumatica has more than 30 years’ experience in the cybersecurity market and has a complete and modern product portfolio using new technologies.
Compumatica develops, produces and implements solutions with a high security grade without backdoors. During the development process of the solutions, security is the main focus besides simple implementation and integration, easy management and usability for the end user. 

Alberto Pelliccione


ReaQta 執行長



ReaQta 是一間提供ReaQta-Hive的人工智慧科技公司。ReaQta-Hive 是一種可以偵測、捕獲、追蹤並修復新型且精密的資安威脅的解決方案。

ReaQta is an A.I. company providing ReaQta-Hive, a solution to detect, hunt, track and remediate new and sophisticated cyber-threats.

Karen Sundermann


EclecticIQ 政府部 副總經理

VP Government Sector at EclecticIQ 


EclecticIQ 提供政府組織和商業企業以人工智慧驅動的資安防護,開發以分析師為中心的產品和服務,使客戶的資訊安全實施重點與其威脅情況保持一致。我們的目標是提供客戶以人工智慧為導向的資訊安全維護、改進的檢測和預防能力以及合乎成本效益的投資服務。


EclecticIQ enables intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organizations and commercial enterprises. We develop analyst-centric products and services that align our clients’ cybersecurity focus with their threat reality. The result is intelligence-led security, improved detection and prevention, and cost-efficient security investments.
Learn more at



Bitdefender  區域熜監

Regional Director at Bitdefender

Redsocks於2012年創立於荷蘭海牙,主要提供網路流量安全威脅管理分析服務,目前已經發展成為全球網路安全供應商。2018年時與活躍於全球市場的網路安全與防毒軟體公司Bitdefender合併。 Bitdefender由Florin Talpes創立於2001年,主要發展核心為開發和銷售防毒軟體、網路安全防護軟體、端點安全防護軟體以及其他網絡安全相關產品與服務。

Redsocks was founded in 2012 in The Hague,

providing Network Traffic Security analysis. The

company has grown to provide network security

worldwide. In 2018 it merged with Bitdefender, a

cybersecurity and anti-virus software company

active worldwide, founded in 2001 by Florin

Talpes. Bitdefender develops and sells anti-virus

software, internet security software, endpoint

security software, and other cybersecurity

products and services.

Jakob Illeborg Pagter


Sepior 技術長

Chief Technology Officer at Sepior  


Jakob 致力於創建結合應用加密技術的創新資安解決方案。他過去曾是丹麥研究機構 Alexandra Institutttet 資安實驗室的負責人,同時也是Partisia 和 Sepior 的共同創辦人。Jakob 擁有奧胡斯大學電腦科學博士學位,目前為丹麥資訊技術安全委員會以及丹麥工業總會安全委員會的成員。

Jakob works on creating innovative security solutions based on applied cryptography. He was formerly the head of the Security Lab at Danish research institute Alexandra Institutttet and is the co-founder of Partisia and Sepior. Jakob holds a PhD in computer science from Aarhus University and is a member of the Danish Council for IT Security as well as the committee for it security at the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Jakub Fijołek


Coinfirm 聯合創始人兼技術長

Co Founder and CTO at Coinfirm


Jakub Fijołek 是全球區塊鏈技術與金融監管科技應用分析領導品牌 Coinfirm 的共同創辦人兼技術長。一位創新的資訊安全專家。

Jakub is the Co-Founder and CTO of a global leader in blockchain RegTech and analytics - Coinfirm. An innovative IT and security specialist

徐千洋 Tim Hsu


Cybavo 共同創辦人

Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer at CYBAVO Inc.  


Tim 是著名駭客年會 HITCON 的創始人,也是台灣駭客技術界 CHROOT 的創始人。 



Tim is founder of the famous hacker conference HITCON, and also the founder of the Taiwan hacker technology community CHROOT.

Currently, he is a consultant for a number of cryptocurrency exchanges in Taiwan, including BitoPro, Cobinhood and OTCBTC.

徐富桂 Akuei Hsu



Research Manager at ITRI

徐富桂現任工研院產業與經濟研究中心電子與系統研究組研究經理。專長於資通訊安全議題與產品關鍵IC及各類IC應用領域的整合研究。早期曾在IEK 任網路產業及IC產品應用領域產業分析師,後來歷經近20年 IC設計公司以及網路安全系統公司擔任產品企劃與行銷工作,熟知臺灣資安產業現況與矽智財以及IC設計市場狀況,並具有兩岸消費性電子產品市場分析經驗。畢業於中華大學電機工程研究所碩士。

Graduated from the Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chung Hua University, Akuei Hsu specializes in the integration of information security issues and application IC and components. In the early days, he worked as an industry analyst in the Internet industry and IC product application field at IEK. Later, he worked in an IC design and cybersecurity system company as Product Planning and Marketing Specialist for nearly 20 years. Akuei Hsu is familiar with the current situation of Taiwan's cybersecurity industry, intellectual property core and IC design market and has experience in cross-strait market analysis on consumer electronics industry.

林慶達 Derek Lin


工業技術研究院 資通所 組長

Divison Director , Information and Communications Research Laboratories, ITRI

林慶達組長長期於軟硬體整合技術開發領域耕耘,專業資歷達19年,在建構團隊、研發管理、 系統工程、產品驗證領域均有大量實務經驗。歷任開發負責人、多功能研發團隊主管、大型跨國系統工程團隊軟體負責人,具備國際系統產品開發與整合經驗,熟悉先進技術導入產品之開發規劃與落實。

曾帶領團隊獲得 EuroiTV 2012 大賽首獎,在新創公司於穿戴式應用領先全球推出對應方案,並建構 Oneplus大型軟體團隊研發全球最新平台手機系統軟體,取得性能、穩定度之高口碑產品,善於團隊與技術產品規劃與跨團隊協同合作推動,帶領團隊打造世界級系統產品。


Mr. Lin has been worked in the field of development of software and hardware integration for 19 years. He has a wealth of practical experience of team building, R&D management, system engineering and product verification and validation. With experience in development and integration of international system engineering products, he has served as the Development Manager, Head of Cross‐Functional Integration of R&D and Software, Leader of large-scale multinational system engineering team over the past years and is familiar with the development planning and implementation of adapting advanced technology to products.

Mr. Lin had led his team to win the first prize in Euroi TV 2012 Grand Challenge Competition. He has offered innovative solution for wearable technology application for a startup and built the large-scale software team in Oneplus to develop the most advanced mobile device system, which had gained great product reputation for great performance and high stability.

He is currently leading his team in improving advances technologies in new retail industry, IOT and smart video analytic technologies and promoting the implementation of financial services and regulatory technologies.

上杉謙二 Kenji Uesugi


日本資安創新委員會(Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee, JCIC)主任研究員 

Senior Fellow, Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee




Kenji Uesugi has extensive knowledge in consulting and has performed a broad variety of services in the field of cybersecurity to include cyber exercise, incident response advisory and M&A strategy. He also has played a vital role in the planning of international cybersecurity conferences.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the domestic market, working with a telecommunication company and a U.S. based cybersecurity company. He served as a product manager of cybersecurity service in these companies.

His main research theme is global cybersecurity regulations, public-private partnerships and security strategy of Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

CISSP ; Certified Information Systems Security Professional

卓傳育 Ares Cho


 工業技術研究院 資通所 副組長

Deputy Director, Information and Communications Research Laboratories, ITRI 


卓傳育博士現職於財團法人工業技術研究院資訊與通訊研究所,資料中心系統軟體組副組長。其專長研究領域包括網絡安全、軟體安全、行動裝置安全、雲端運算、虛擬化系統軟體等。卓博士長期投入系統軟體安全技術研發,帶領團隊發展領先全球的多層次應用程式白名單防護技術、智慧手機虛擬化及虛擬化容錯技術;卓博士同時亦積極參與主持維護開源專案開發,領導發展opencuju (Virtualization-based Fault Tolerance) 及clondroid (Android Container)等先進開源系統軟體專案之執行。

Current Deputy Director of Information and Communications Research Laboratories, ITRI. His expertise includes cyber security, software security, mobile device security, cloud computing, and virtualization system software and so on. Dr. Cho has been dedicating to R&D of system software security, security hardening with multi-level application whitelisting, and smart phone virtualization. Dr. Cho also actively participated in project development in opencuju (Virtualization-based Fault Tolerance) and implementation of clonroid (Android Container).